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Tuesday Morning Various

Is lager another product of the Columbian exchange?  Apparently, cold brewing began in the 14th century but did not really take off until the 15th.  And, apparently, until now no one knew the origins of one of the yeasts that makes cold brewing work because it thrives in colder environments.  The Economist reports that scientists have found the original home of that yeast– in Pantagonia!

Another failing grade for John Yoo.  Anderson notes that the Mississippi Law Journal has published an article by professor Lawrence Rosenthal of Chapman University explaining that Yoo’s views as expressed in two memos while he was advising the president are so incompetently formed and explained that he probably should not be allowed to teach law students.  You can read the article at the link.

Worst sports metaphor in memory award goes to the lede sentence in this story about the state court sentencing of Smithville football coach Dwight Bowling.

But you showed your privates to my camera!  A substitute teacher in Ohio bought a stolen school laptop from a student for $60 (she says she never noticed that the serial number had been scraped off), sat in front of it naked, unaware that Absolute Software’s system for tracking stolen computers had control of the machine.  And was surprised when the police showed up, bearing a warrant and naked photos of her.  So she and her boyfriend sued for invasion of privacy, a lawsuit that survived a motion to dismiss.

He’s better lately when snark-mode is turned off.   Anthony Bordain writes about attending a boucherie in Cajun country and a bit about New Orleans, explaining that he thinks that area is the source for genuinely American food.

More about Honeyboy Edwards.  Here’s the New York Times obituary for Honeyboy Edwards.  It’s a good one.

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