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Monday Morning Various

  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t know we were going to be trying the case today.” said the prosecutor in the Zimmerman bail hearing.  The prosecution was startlingly unprepared for  that hearing on Friday, and defense counsel used it to their advantage.  Defense called the chief investigator for the state– who said, “I was not planning on testifying,” and worked through the evidence (or lack of it) behind statements made in the affidavit on which the prosecution was based.  If this and the affidavit itself are indications of how this prosecution is going to go, it will not go well for the state.  I was a little startled that this was not much covered in a couple of news accounts I read; you can get the details from the Guardian’s live blog of the hearing.
  • Paige Williams, a journalist who teaches at Harvard’s Neiman School, was at Ole Miss and a Chi Omega at the time of the accident on Highway 6 in which five of her sorority sisters died.  She has a very intense story about the accident in Oprah Magazine.
  • At the other end of the insight and self-reflection scale:  McSweeney’s magazine has an annual contest picking five columnists, and this year one is being written by an Ole Miss freshman from Alabama, Mary Marge Locker, who apparently arrived with two big ambitions, the main one being to get in the “right” sorority, which she thinks she accomplished.  The column consists of one sorority girl activity after another, and I kept reading wondering if anything would be said that would justify its existence.  If you’ve read it and are curious which one is “Sorority H”: it’s Tri Delta.  Oh, and her other big ambition was to take a class from Jack Pendarvis.
  • Headline of the day (well, Saturday):  “Two Late Touchdowns Lift Yankees To Surreal Victory in Boston.”  Waah?  Well, down 9-1 in the Seventh, the scored seven runs in that inning and seven more in the eighth to win.  Keep your gloating to a minimum, Chico.
  • This entertaining New York Times profile, revisited, reminds me of Joseph Mitchell’s discovery of the truth about Joe Gould.
  • Yesterday’s Times had a spectacular long story about corruption in Wal-Mart’s Mexico operations.



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