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Monday Morning Various

  • A while ago, the Daily Journal had an article about a new historical trail around Bryce’s Crossroads (NW of Tupelo) that ranges across history including the site where Chief Tishomingo lived before Chickasaw removal, history relating by churches founded by former slaves after the Civil War, and, of course, sites related to the battle at Bryce’s Crossroads itself.  Sounds interesting to me.
  • Square Books has in a new biography of William Alexander Percy (author of Lanterns on the Levee, etc.) by Benjamin Wise, a history professor at Florida, titled William Alexander Percy:  The Curious Life of a Southern Planter and Sexual Freethinker, published by U. of N.C. Press.  I’m curious about it.
  • Texas food writer Rob Walsh is writing a bbq books with Rufus Lovett, and has decided to put his bbq blog posts on a free-standing site, ZenBBQ.  The most recent post is about a backyard pit for whole hog cookery, a subject dear to me.  And the cinder block pit is the way to go.
  • Filmmaker Joe York is profiled by Ruth Tobias at Zester, focusing on the big southern food documentary he’s got coming out this Fall.
  • There’s a long article by John Nova Lomax about music research Mack McCormick on the Houston Press page.  Mack was in the first generation of serious jazz and blues researchers– all the known facts about Robert Johnson came to light as a result of his research locating Johnson’s family, and Mack introduced the world to the word zydeco.  A conversation with Mack courses over the entire history of American music (at least one of the ones I had did that).  H/t to Scott.
  • Slate has a map showing the percentage of Mormons in each county in the US.  Amite County (county seat is Liberty) has the highest at over 4%, by several multiples.  What’s that about?
  • Lee from comments wants all of you to know that your cat is making you crazy.  So that’s what it is.


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