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Midafternoon Various

  • The Panolan in Batesville has a story on page 3 where the mayor of Batesville is denying ever having said a thing to the Clarion Ledger about the sheriff being at his girlfriend’s house (I quoted the Clarion Ledger story yesterday).  No hint in the Panolan about whether they gave the Clarion Ledger reporter a chance to stand behind the quote.
  • Has anyone other than me noticed that the RSS news feeds from the Clarion Ledger are completely broken?  The URLs they generate do not work at all, at least from the RSS feed on my Google homepage (including after a delete/reinstall).
  • There’s an article in the Clarion Ledger today about Jackson-area farmers markets, tying it into the growth of farmers markets nationwide.
  • Employees of the Booneville Housing Authority have sued an auditor, Jo Mullen of Lexington, for libel, alleging that she knew statements in an audit were false.  “Plaintiffs are Debbie Bishop, former BHA executive director; Christopher Jones, former BHA accountant; current employees Richard and Vicki Cole, Dewell Smith and Roosevelt Spencer; BHA board members; and Kenneth Bishop, Debbie Bishop’s husband, who is director of the Baldwyn Housing Authority.  The Circuit Court complaint claims Mullen’s report subjected the plaintiffs to a criminal investigation, irreparable damage to their reputations and severe emotional distress, among other things. No criminal charges resulted.”
  • Great story about a surviving tradition in Brooklyn, NY:  Seltzer men. “’My father, before he died, told me, ‘I can’t stop these dreams — I keep seeing all the people I missed on the route,’’Mr. Backerman said.”  I have a seltzer bottle up on top of one of my cabinets, and no way to refill it.  H/t Dr. X.

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