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Friday Morning Open thread

  • The spectacle part of New Orleans second lines in funerals has for a while seemed to me reaching uncomfortable levels.  Turns out I’m not alone.  New Orleans jazz player Nicholas Payton has an eloquent dissent to the recent second line for brass band leader Lionel Battiste.
  • Really fascinating Errol Morris essay about fonts, of all things.  Morris a writer/filmaker interesting enough that I’d follow him pretty much anywhere.  In this one, he convinces me that I should be printing my briefs in the Baskerville font.  What do you think about that, Anderson?  Really, folks.  Read it.  Don’t let the phrase “essay about fonts” put you off.
  • I’m going to try to post more later, but I can’t really oversell the to-do list app WorkFlowy.  It’s powerful and intuitive.  You can be using it immediately, but then get really incredibly sophisticated stuff out of it.  I’ve been looking for something like this for years, and “to do list” grossly understates its capacities.
  • Boston mobster/ FBI informant Whitey Bulger has fired an interesting shot across the Government bows:  His lawyers have announced an intention for Bulger to take the stand and testify about his life-of-crime while an FBI informant, when he used information he gleaned from the agents “running” him to run his mob.  And kill folks.  I would love to know, procedurally, how this revelation, months before trial, occurred.  H/t Ace Atkins.
  • WTF is National Public Radio doing consulting Glenn Reynolds as an expert about space law?  In an article about preserving the first landings on the moon, NPR decides to look to Instapundit for expertise.  One small step, indeed.

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