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My 78 Collection

To simplify things when I’m out an about junking or antiquing, I’m posting this inventory of my 78 collection…


Artist Song1 Song2 Label No.
Roy Acuff Don’t Make Me Got To Bed I’ll Be Good I’ll Reap My Harvest In Heaven Okeh 6704
Allen Brothers See Modern Montaineers
Albert Ammons I Don’t Want To See You Swanee River Boogie Mercury 8022
Kokomo Arnold Milk Cow Blues Old Original Kokomo Blues Decca 48000
Bailey’s Lucky Seven In My Heart, On My Mind All Day Long I’ve Got My Habits On Gennett 4815
Bailey’s Lucky Seven California Carolina Rolling Stone Gennett 4868
Barbecue Bob Mamma, You Don’t Suit Me Mississippi Heavy Water Blues Columbia 14222-D
Count Basie’s Blue Five / Joe Turner Boogie Woogie Roll ‘Em Pete Columbia C-44
Brinkley Brothers Dixie Clodhoppers When I Had But Fifty Cents Little Log Cabin By The Lake Victor 40129
Blue Ridge Highballers Flop Earned Mule Fourteen Days in Georgia Columbia 15081
Blue Sky Boys Why Not Confess Since The Angels Took My Mother Far Away Bluebird 33-0516
The Blues Woman Cryin’ Blues Voo-It! Voo-It! Juke Box JB502
Clinch Valley Boys (Booker) / Logan County Trio Forked Deer The Buckin’ Mule Challenge 302
Bill Boyd Dream Train New Fort Worth Rag RCA Victor 20-2270
Bill Boyd Pallace in Dallas I Wish We’d Never Met RCA Victor 20-2172
Bill Boyd Over the Waves Waltz Under the Double Eagle RCA Victor 20-2068
Big Bill Broonzy Cell No. 13 Blues You Got The Best Go Columbia 37164
Milton Brown In El Rancho Grande Beautiful Texas Decca 5071
Milton Brown In El Rancho Grande Beautiful Texas Decca 46000
Cliff Brunner Kelly Swing San Antonio Rose Decca 5728
Bud and Joe Billings Columbus Stockade Blues Birmingham Jail Victor 40031
Charlie Burse and his Memphis Mudcats Good Potatoes on the Hill What’s the Matter with the Well Vocalion 5299
Cecil Campbell See Tennessee Ramblers
Carolina Tar Heels The Old Gray Goose Hand In Hand We Have Walked Along Together Victor 40177
Carolina Tar Heels Whos Gonna Kiss Your Pretty Lips, Dear Darling? My Home’s Across The Blue Ridge Mountains Victor 40100
Carter Family when The Springtime Comes Again I’m Thinking To-Night Of My Blue Eyes Bluebird B-5122
Carter Family The Church in the Wildwood Room in Heaven For Me RCA VictorB-5993
Carter Family Little Log Cabin By The Sea Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow Victor 21074
Lonnie Jacobs and Lonnie Carter The Jazz Fiddler Sheik Waltz Okeh 15436
Homer Christopher – Raney Vanvink Waiting for the Robert E. Lee Lost Mama Blues Victor 20656
Doctor Clayton Pearl Harbor Blues My Own Blues Bluebird B-9003
Doctor Clayton Root Doctor Blues Copper Collered Mama RCA Victor 20-2323
Rosemary Clooney Rose of the Mountain Come On-A My House Columbia 46306
King Cole Trio I Realize Now Gee, Baby, Ain’t I Good Capitol 169
Columbia Orchestra See Orchestra Mexicana de Gurti
Robert Cook’s Old Time Fiddler Medley of Old Time Fiddler’s Favorites, Vol. 1 Medley of Old Time Fiddler’s Favorites, Vol. 2 Vocalion S26S
Spade Cooley Oklahoma Stomp You Better Do It Now Columbia 37237
Spade Cooley I’ve Taken All I’m Gonna Take From You Foregive Me One More Time Okeh 6746
Bill Darnell The Blacksmith Blues Salty Dog Rag Decca 27968
Cow Cow Davenport State Street Jive Cow Cow Blues Brunswick C 3075
Wallter Davis Oh! Me! Oh! My! Blues It’s Been Long RCA Victor 20-2487
Deep River Boys It’s Too Soon To Know Recess In Heaven RCA Victor 20-3203
Delmore Brothers Take It To The Captain Peach Tree Street Boogie King 718
Roy Eldridge Embraceable You Lttle Jazz Boogie Decca 23471
John Fahey Morning (Pt. 1) Morning (Pt. 2) Perfect 14404
John Fahey Evening Not Night (Pt. 1) Evening Not Night (Pt. 2) Perfect 14404
Joseph Falcon and Clemo Breax La March De La Noche View Airs (Old Tunes) Columbia 152325-D
Cbarlie Feathers Now Little Girl Feek Giid Agaun Perfect 69309
Helen Louise and Frank Ferrara Pua Carnation Hawaiian Hula Melody His Master’s Voice B-815
Fleming and Townsend Cottonfield Blues I Feel So Blue Bluebird B-5425
The Four Jacks – Eileen Scott Earth AngelĀ  Ko Ko Mo That’s All I Want From You Tweedle Dee Big 4 Hits 125
Blind Boy Fuller Screaming and Crying Blues She’s A Trucking Little Baby Columbia 37155
Cecil Gant Wake-Up, Cecil, Wake-Up Boogie Blues Gilt Edge 500
Famous Garland Jubilee Quartette Hold The Wind Oh Rocks Don’t You Fall On me Conqueror 8357
Garland Jubilee Singers Sinner You Better Get Ready I’ll Be Satisfied Conqueror 9456
Clarence Garlow Bon Ton Roula In A Boogie Mood Macy’s Recordings 5002
Erroll Garner Summertime What’s New Columbia 39888
Rev. J.M. Gates Funeral train I Know I Got Religion Victor 20217
Georgia Melody Boys Cabin Home Where The Goldenrod Is Blooming Once Again Broadway 8119
The Georgia Washboard Stompers Tiger Rag Farewell Blues Decca 7003
Georgia Yellow Hammers My Carolina Girl The Picture on the Wall Victor 20943
Georgia Yellow Hammers The Deacon’s Calf Warehorse Game Victor 40004
Georgia Yellow Hammers Pass Around The Bottle Johnson’s Old Grey Mule Victor 20550
Golden Gate Quartet Dip Your Fingers In The Water Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’ Okeh 6712
Hackberry Ramblers See Riverside Ramblers
Handy’s Orchestra The Hooking Cow Blues Ole Miss Rag Columbia A2420
Handy’s Orchestra Fuzzy Wuzzy Rag The Snaky Blues Columbia A2421
Ernest Hare All Aboard For Heaven Don’t Bring Lulu Bell 344
Kelly Harrell – Henry Norton Row Us Over The Tide I Have No Loving Mother Now Victor 20933
Hawaiian Serenaders Hawaiian Mother O’ Mine Among My Souvenirs Jewell 5226
Uncle Ben Hawkins The Poor Tramp Has To Live When The Roses Bloom Again Challenge 244
Clifford Hayes’ Louisville Stompers – Benny Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra Blue Guitar Stomp Moten Stomp Victor 20955
Bill Helms and his Upton County Band Thomastown Breakdown Georgia Blues- Breakdown Victor 21649
Walter Hiderman See Vess Ossman
Smoky Hogg Country Gal Too Many Rivers Modern 20-543
Sol Hoopi’s Novelty Trio King’s Serenade Song of the Islands Columbia 949-D
Lightin’ Hopkins Big Mama Jump Short Haired Woman Gold Star 3131
Howlin’ Wolf So Glad I Asked For Water Chess 1632
Charlie Jackson Salt Lake City Blues Salty Dog Blues Paramount 12236
Harry James and the Boogie Woogie Trio Woo-Woo Boo-Woo Columbia C-44
Harry James and His Orchestra Back Beat Boogie Night Special Columbia C-44
Skip James Drunken Spree Illinois Blues Herwin 92403
Skip James How Long Blues Four O’Clock Blues Herwin 92402
Blind Lemon Jefferson Stocking Feet Blues That Black Snake Moan Paramount 12407
Bunk Johnson and his New Orleans Band A Closer Walk With Thee High Society RCA Victor 50-0127
Bunk Johnson’s Original Superior Band Ballin’ The Jack Pallet on the Floor Jazz Mann 16
Lonnie Johnson Lonnie’s Got The Blues I Have No Sweet Woman Now Okeh 8411
Lonnie Johnson I Found A Dream You Take Romance King 4297-AA
Pete Johnson Kaycee On My Mind Blues On The Down Beat Decca 3384
Albert Ammons / Meade Lux Lewis Shout For Joy Bear Cat Crawl Columbia C-44
Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons Boogie Woogie Man Walkin’ The Boogie Victor P67
Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons Cuttin’ The Boogie Barrel House Boogie Victor P69
Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons Sixth Avenue Express Pine Creek Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons P69
Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons Movin’ the Boogie Foot Pedal Boogie Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons P69
Louis Jordan It’s A Low Down Dirty Shame Mama Mama Blues Decca 23631
Louis Jordan Let The Good Times Roll Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens Decca 23741
Louis Jordan Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Cryin’ Beware Decca 18818
Luis G. Jordan Minuto La Giralda Columbia A624
Karl and Harty Look What Those Blue Eyes Did To Me Kentucky Columbia 20414
Alfred Karnes I Am Bound For The Promised Land Where We’ll Never Grow Old Victor 20840
B.B. King Dark Is The Night (Pt.1) Dark Is The Night (Pt.2) RPM 459
Earl King Those Lonely, Lonely Nights Baby You Can Get Your Gun Ace 509
Abraham Keslsuli Konsnui Maui Serenade Lanakila Chant 49th State Hawaii Record 104
Uncle Bud Landress Visiting Sal’s House in the Moonshine Hollow Coon Hunting In Moonshine Hollow Victor 21354
Leake County Revelears Leake County Blues Lonesome Blues Columbia 15520-D
Leake County Revelears Merry Widow Waltz Make Me A Bed on the Floor Columbia 15264-D
Leake County Revelears Beautiful Belles Sweet Rose of Heaven Columbia 15501-D
Leake County Revelears Good Night Waltz Wednesday Night Waltz Vocalion 2920
Leake County Revelears My Bonnie Lies Over The ocean In The Good Old Summertime Columbia 15527-D
Leake County Revelears My Bonnie Lies Over The ocean In The Good Old Summertime Columbia 15227-D
Leake County Revelears Rockin’ Yodel Julia Waltz Columbia 15386-D
Julie Lee I Was Wrong Snatch It And Grab It Capitol 2068
Juile Lee Gotta Gimme Whatcha Got Lies Capitol 308
Meade Lux Lewis Denapas Parade Glendale Girls Asch 352-2
Meade Lux Lewis See Albert Ammons
Meade Lux Lewis – Charlie Spand Honky Tonk Train Blues Hastings Street Columbia 37336
Smiley Lewis Ain’t Gonna Do It One Night Imperial 5380
Logan County Boys See Clinch Valley Boys
Willie Love Feed My Body To The Fishes Falling Rain Trumpet DRC-100
Paulie K. Lua and David K. Kaili Honolulu March Kohala March His Master’s Voice 529
Paulie K. Lua and David K. Kaili Old Plantation Hawaiian Echoes – Medley Victor 18147
Paulie K. Lua and David K. Kaili Happy Heine March Maid of Honolulu Victor 17859
Jimmie Lunceford Solitude Stratosphere Decca 299
J.E. Mainer’s Mountaineers Maple on the Hill Take Me In The Lifeboat Bluebird B-6065
J.E. Mainer’s Mountaineers Maple on the Hill Take Me In The Lifeboat Bluebird B-6065
J.E. Mainer’s Mountaineers City On The Hil Lights In The Valley Bluebird B-6160
Wade Mainer – Zeke Morris Where The Red, Red Roses Grow Maple On The Hill – Part 2 Bluebird B-6293
Tommy McClennen New Highway 51 I’m Goin’, Don’t You Know Bluebird B-8499
Big Joe and his Rhythm (Joe McCoy with Charlie McCoy and Robert Nighthawk) I’m All Right Now Your Money Can’t Buy Me Bluebird 34-0733
Frank and James McCravy These Bones G’Winna Rise Again Six Feet of Earth Victor 20869
Lester McFarland and Robert A. Garner My Carolina Home Old Black Sheep Vocalion 5120
Lani McIntire and his Hawaiians Aloah Hawaii Aloha Native Guitars Decca 4248
McLaughlin’s Old Time Melody Makers Dill Pickles Rag Georgia Camp Meeting Victor 21286
Jay McShann’s Sextet Shipyard Woman Blues Crown Prince Boogie Premier 29011
Memphis Jug Band Rukus Juice and Chittlin’ Jazzbo Stomp Biltmore 1101
Memphis Minnie Ice Man Hoodoo Lady Vocalion 3222
Memphis Minnie I’m Talking About You Bumble Bee Vocalion 1476
Memphis Minnie I’m Talking About You (No. 1) I’m Talking About You (No. 2) Perfect 214
Memphis Minnie I’m So Glad Mean Mistreater Blues Columbia 37295
Memphis Minnie Can’t Afford To Lose My Man Me and My Chaffeur Blues Okeh 6288
Memphis Minnie This Is Your Last Chance Pig Meat On The Line Okeh 6505
Memphis Slim Five O’Clock Blues The Come Back United U-156
Mississippi Sheiks Stop and Listen Blues Driving That Thing Okeh 8807
Modern Mountaineers – Allen Brothers Loud Mouth A New Salty Dog RCA Victor 20-2132
Bill Monroe Rocky Road Blues Kentucky Waltz Columbia 36907
Bill Monroe Rocky Road Blues Kentucky Waltz Columbia 36907
Bill Monroe Will You Be Loving Another Man Blue Yodel #4 Columbia 37565
Bill Monroe New Mule Skinner Blues My Little Georgia Rose Decca 46222
Monroe Brothers I Am Going That Way I’ll Live On Bluebird B-7007
Charlie Monroe Rosa Lee McFall They Didn’t Believe It Was True RCA Victor 21-0054
Benny Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra See Clifford Haye’s Louisville Stompers
Mound City Blue Blowers Arkansas Blues Blue Blues Brunswick 2581
Billy Murray the Rambler Minstrel Company Smiling Star The Hot Tamale Man Columbia A658
Narmour & Smith Someone I love Midnight Waltz Okeh 15329
Narmour & Smith Captain George, Has Your Money Come The Sunny Waltz Okeh 45242
Narmour & Smith Captain George, Has Your Money Come The Sunny Waltz Okeh 45242
Narmour & Smith Carroll Counry Blues Charleston No. 1 Okeh 45317
Narmour & Smith Carroll Counry Blues Charleston No. 1 Okeh 45317
Narmour & Smith Gallop to Georgia- Breakdown Kiss Me Waltz Okeh 45344
Romeo Nelson Head Rag Hop Wilkins Street Stomp Brunswick 80021
Romeo Nelson Head Rag Hop Wilkins Street Stomp Brunswick 80021
New Orleans Rhythm Kings Tin Roof Blues That’s A Plenty Gennett 5105
New Orleans Stompers Georgia Bo Bo Alabama Shuffle Paradox 4
Manny Nichols Walking Talking Blues Tall Skinny Mama Blues Lucky 7002
Robert Nighthawk See Joe McCoy
Johnny Nobles and his Hawaiian Music Maunawili Hula Hualalai Brunswick 55049
Old Time Minstrels Good By Little Girl Good Bye [one side] Victor 3082
Orchestra Mexicana de Gurti – Columbi Orchestra La Paloma Santiago Waltz Columbia A152
Original Dixieland Jazz Band Clarinet Marmalade Blues Mournin’ Blues Victor 18513
Original Dixieland Jazz Band Bluin’ The Blues Sensation Rag Victor 18483
Original Dixieland Jazz Band Margie Palesteena Victor 18717
The Original Memphis Five Static Strut Tampeekoe Victor 20039
Vess Ossman – Walter Hidermann Maple Leaf Rag Jigs and Reels Medley Columbia A228
Junior Parker Feelin’ Good Fussin’ and Fightin’ Blues Sun 187
Charlie Patton Pony Blues Banty Rooster Blues Paramount 12792
Pilgrim Travelers Yes, My Lord Now Lord Specialty SP 326
Charlie Poole Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down Columbia 15038-D
Riley Puckett Ida Red Sally Goodwin Columbia 15102-D
Riley Puckett See Gid Tanner and his Skillet Lickers
Snoozer Quinn and Johnny Wiggs Singing the Blues You Took Advantage of Me Wiggs, Inc 2101
The Ramparts The Death of Emmett Till The Death of Emmett Till DooTone Records 382
Wayne Raney Gonna Row My Boat Burning You Love Letters King 1229
Dick Reinhart The Girl I Left Behind Me Pretty Polly Brunswick 80090
Reno and Smiley Your Tears Are Just Interest On The Loan Dixie Breakdown King 1390
Riverside Ramblers Wondering Dissatisfied Bluebird B-6926
Doc Roberts In The Shadow of the Pine Roving Gambler Silvertone 5006
Carson Robison Trio They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree She Was Bred In Old Kentucky Conqueror 7732
Carson Robison Trio Goin’ To Have A Big Time Tonight Who Said I Was A Bum Romeo 768
Jimmie Rodgers The Mystery of Number Five Train Whistle Blues Montgomery Ward 4223
Jimmie Rodgers Blue Yodel Number 8 Jimmie’s Mean Mama Blues Victor 23503
Jimmie Rodgers I’m Sorry We Met Blue Yodel Number 5 Victor 22072
“Doc” Ross My Angel Waitin’ for Katy Perfect 14973
Otis Rush I Can’t Quit You Baby Sit Down Baby Cobra 5000
Jimmy Sanders I Wanna Be On A Merry Merry-Go-Round With You A Jersey Tomato and an Idaho Potato on a New York Central Train Coral 61010
Eileen Scott See The Four Aces
Shelton Brothers Ida Red South Decca 46009
Bessie Smith Down Hearted Blues Gulf Coast Blues Columbia A3855
Bessie Smith Outside of That Mama’s Got the Blues Columbia A3900
Bessie Smith If You Don’t Know I Know Who Will Nobody in Town Can Bake a Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine Columbia A3942
Bessie Smith Baby Won’y You Please Come Oh Daddy Blues Columbia A3888
Bessie Smith Midnight Blues Bleeding Heart Blues Columbia A3936
Pinetop Smith Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie Pinetop’s Blues Brunswick 80008
Pinetop Smith I’m Sober Now Jump Steady Blues Brunswick 80009
Clara Smith Cheatin’ Daddy You Don’t Know What’s Shakin Columbia 14192
Hank Snow Conscience I’m Guilty Hula Rock RCA Victor 20-6578
Charlie Spand See Meade Lux Lewis
Victoria Spivey T-B Blues No. 12 Let Me Roam Okeh 8494
Victoria Spivey T-B Blues No. 12 Let Me Roam Okeh 8494
Ernest Stoneman Sugar in the Gourd Going Up Cripple Creek Victor 20694
Ernest Stoneman Down To Jordan and Be Saved There’s A Light Lit Up In Galilee Victor 40078
Ernest Stoneman Going Down the Valeey The Sinless Summer Victor 20531
Stove Pipe No. 1 Cripple Creek and Sourwood Mountain Turkey in the Straw Columbia 201-D
Slim Sullivan Little Brown Jug Fiddler’s Special Continental C-12005
Sweet Violet Boys Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet Sweet Violets Vocalion 3110
Sweet William and Big Bad Bill Sweet William and Big Bad Bill in New York Sweet William and Big Bad Bill in New York Brunswick 3710
Tampa Red Maybe Some Day Crying Won’t Help You RCA Victor 20-1988
Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers with Riley Puckett Watermelon on the Vine Hand Me Down My Walking Cane Columbia 15091-D
Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers with Riley Puckett Black Eyed Susie Alabama Girl, Give The Fiddler A Dram Columbia 119-D
Montana Taylor Indiana Avenue Stomp Detroit Rocks Brunswick 80019
Montana Taylor Indiana Avenue Stomp Detroit Rocks Brunswick 80019
Tennesee Ramblers Tropical Island Tar Heel Rag RCA Victor 21-0079
Hociel Thomas Deep Water Blues Lonesome Blues Okeah 8297
Hank Thompson Swing Wide the Gates of Love Whoa Sailor Capitol 51-40218
The Tobacco Tags Hawaiian Melody Midnight on the Stormy Deep Bluebird B-8603
Ernest Tubb Driftwood on the River I’m Steppin’ Out of the Picture Decca 46377
Ike Turner Rock-A-Bucket The Big Question Federal 12304
Joe Turner See County Basie’s Blue Five
Rex Turner I’m Movin’ On Cuddle Buggin Baby Varsity 8062
Sippie Wallace Every Dog Has His Day Morning Dove Blues Okeh 8205
Washboard Sam Stop and Fix It Good Ole Cabbage Greens Bluebird 34-0705
Ethel Waters Heebie Jeebies Everybody Mess Aroun’ Columbia 14153-D
Watts and Wilson The Night Express The Empty Cradle Paramount 3007
James Waynes Junco Partner (Worthless Man) Tryin’ To Find A Girl Sittin’ In With 607
Sylvester Weaver Poor Boy Blues True Love Blues Okeh 8460
Sylvester Weaver Guitar Rag Guitar Blues Okeh 8109
Sylvester Weaver Devil Blues Black Spider Blues Okeh 8534
Casey Bill Weldon Somebody Changed the Lock on that Door W.P.A. Blues Vocalion 3186
Dicky Wells Hangin’ Around Boudon I’ve Found A New Baby Victor 26617
Peetie Wheatstraw / Oscar Woods Southern Girl Blues Evil Hearted Woman Blues Decca 7904
Henry Whitter Rain Crow Bill Henry Whitter Fox Chase Victor 20878
Johnny Wiggs See Snoozer Quinn
Hank Williams Jambalaya (On The Bayou) Window Shopping MGM 11283
Hank Williams Move It On Over (Last Night) I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep MGM 10033
Hank Williams Cold, Cold Heart Dear John MGM 10904
Hank Williams The First Fall of Snow Someday You’ll Call My Name MGM 12077
Hank Williams Lovesick Blues Never Again MGM 12077
Joe Williams Vitamin A Somebody Been Worrying Bluebird 34-0739
Chick Willis Caledonia My Story Okeh 6905
Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys You Don’t Care What Happens To Me Stars and Stripes on Iwo Jima Okeh 6742
Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys New San Antonio Rose Bob Wills Special Okeh 5694
Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys New San Antonio Rose Bob Wills Special Okeh 5694
Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys I Knew The Moment I Lost You Oh You Pretty Woman Okeh 6440
Oscar Woods See Peetie Wheatstraw
Hy Zaret Counting the Days Saga of the Sad Sack Asch 4554
Hy Zaret Hey It’s Great To Be In the Army Chicken Blues Asch 4551
Hy Zaret It’s A Helluva ‘Glory Road’ Rack Up Another Beer Boys Asch 4553
Hy Zaret We Once Were Civilians Hinky Dinky Parlay Voos Asch 4552