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Bobby Rush, Vashti Jackson, and Jesse Robinson play the Lamar Lounge in Oxford

Bobby Rush Vashti Jackson playToday was an over-the-top Oxford day– the Southern Culture Center’s Music Conference, Thacker Mountain, a reception for the blues show at the University Museum, a Mississippi all-star blues concert at the Lamar Lounge.   We took in a lot of it, but the highlight was the blues show at the Lamar.

This was one of those nights that totally establishes that blues is still active and alive here.  There were memorable sets from Bud Welch, Vashti Jackson, Kenny Brown, and Terry Bean.  But the most memorable by far were from Jesse Robinson, pretty easily the best blues guitarist in Mississippi, and Bobby Rush with Vashti Jackson.  All short sets, and very memorable.

If you get any chance to see these folk, particularly Jesse Robinson and Bobby Rush (who says he’s now 80?), see them.

Jimbo Mathis backed the whole show on drums, and kept it tight.  He and his bass player (whose name I did not get) really tastefully and excellently matched the style of each player who came along.

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