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Bits I learn from newspapers: Woody Guthrie’s sister is still alive, at 90, in their hometown of Okemah, OK

The centenary of Guthrie’s birth is next year, and Oklahoma has only just begun to celebrate his legacy.  The George Kaiser Foundation is buying Guthrie’s papers from his daughter Nora and creating a center in Tulsa devoted to his legacy.  Meanwhile, the town where he was born, Okemah, finally got around to celebrating him with a festival in 2006.

The New York Times story about this notes that Guthrie’s sister, Mary Jo Guthrie Edgmon (pictured above), is still alive, with “a persistent smile and a sharp wit” at 90, who describes him. Part of it, about his view of his hometown, fits the Woody of legend:  ““He didn’t get attached to anything,” she said. “Everywhere was his home.”

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