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Why are Zach Scruggs’s lawyers entering appearances in Scruggs II?

This morning, Mike Moore and Michael Rader entered appearances in Scruggs II. That’s the case involving Judge DeLaughter, a case in which Zach Scruggs was never charged.

Rader entered an appearance for Zach Scruggs.  Moore entered an appearance for Dickie Scruggs, as did another lawyer from Rader’s firm (which is also Chip Robertson’s firm in Missouri).  I’m now thinking that Rader’s entry is a mistake, and all were supposed to appear for Dickie Scruggs, for reasons stated below.

I saw the entries of appearance and was confused– first because it didn’t register they were in Scruggs II, and second because the Electronic Filing System notification said that they were appearing on behalf of Dickie Scruggs (I think they had to do this because the couldn’t make ECF filings on behalf of a non-party…).

What possible reason could there be for this?  I’m stumped.

Here’s one of them Rader’s and here’s Moore’s.


I think they’re about to file something for Dickie Scruggs not unlike what they’ve filed for Zach, but that’s just a guess.

The second paragraph of this post was added when I did this update.

h/t to Alan Lange for pointing out the oddness of this to me.

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