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Today at the Zach Scrugs petition hearing

Today, Zach Scruggs hearing to overturn his plea began with the testimony of Tim Balducci.  Judge Biggers did not want to begin with opening statements, saying that he already was familiar with the issues.

It took the full morning for the testimony on direct to get to September; Zach only made brief appearances in the account, primarily at that March meeting.  Balducci said that Zach brought up the idea of contacting Judge Lackey, and that Dickie Scruggs then took the lead on suggesting Balducci do that.  When Balducci told Judge Lackey that Balducci had an interest in it, Balducci was thinking (but did not say) that he was hoping to replace Johnny Jones in Scruggs Katrina Group, and stressing about getting paid on the money he was owed.

The afternoon completed direct examination from Zach’s lawyer, including the November 1st meeting (it was noted that Zach did not ask what “bushels of sweet potato” mean), with Balducci saying Zach was there when those words and the comment about having “paid for” the order were made.  The day finished with cross, and in the morning there will be redirect.

More later if time permits.

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