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Thoughtful piece about the Spanish torture prosecution

There’s a lot of overheated rhetoric on all sides about the move by a Spanish magistrate to go forward with the next step for a war crimes prosecution of Bush administration lawyers relating to Spaniards imprisoned in Guantanamo.  Julian Davis Mortenson knows about international law issues relating to war crimes–he spent a year as an associate legal officer in the Office of the President at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.   He has written a thoughtful and balanced  piece about some of the issues– ranging from historic resistance to prosecuting those who gave legal advice (the U.S. took one position as to those involved in legal advice for the holocaust, for instance, and Brittain and France the other side) to what exactly the steps taken so far mean in the civil law or European legal system, and the impact this could have on the ability of those targeted to do international travel.  Worth reading if you want a general understanding about the issues that may come up.

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