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“They came in and things just went bad.” (more on the Greenwood hit man case)

That’s the Greenwood Commonwealth front page today. Smith is on the left.

The quote in the title is from the Greenwood police chief, describing how things went wrong for the apparent hit man when he came into Lee Abraham’s law office on Saturday night.

The Greenwood Commonwealth is reporting that there was a seven month investigation, and that the two people arrested, Dr. Albert Smith and William Paul Mullen, had “two connections”– “Smith collects salvaged bricks and Mullen is a brickmason…” Also, Abraham represented both of their wives in contentious divorce cases.

There were intense searches at both Dr. Smith’s home and clinic, and Attorney General Hood was seen in Greenwood at Abraham’s office.

The Commonwealth had a photo of the alleged hit man who was killed in the shoot-out, Keaira Byrd, from his Facebook page (which I couldn’t locate).

Meanwhile, the Greenwood mayor hopes all this doesn’t “darken the positive efforts to make Greenwood the model city of the Delta.”

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