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The Government’s Factual Basis to prove DeLaughter guilty: What Peters would have said

The factual basis the Government stated at the sentencing hearing had a lot of details about what the Government witnesses would testify about the Wilson v. Scruggs conspiracy.  There’s news about what Ed Peters would say, in particular.

Peters would testify that he believed if DeLaughter would help Sruggs, Scruggs would help DeLaughter obtain the judgeship he wanted so badly. Peters would testify he believed DeLaughter understood that agreement.

There’s also this:

Peters would testify that during the pendency of the proceeding he met with Judge DeLaughter on numerous occasions, lobbying for Scruggs, providing the court with advance copies of Scruggs’ filings and taking the judge’s concerns back to the Scruggs team for additional legal research on various points of law. Peters would testify that DeLaughter never cautioned him that his contacts were improper. …

Here is the US v. DeLaughter factual basis.

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