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SCOTUS blog: Post-Hobby Lobby orders lists suggests that employers can object to all forms of birth control

Lyle Denniston at SCOTUS blog reports:

The Supreme Court sent a fairly strong signal on Tuesday that its ruling giving some for-profit businesses a right not to provide birth control services to their female workers goes beyond the specific methods at issue in that decision.  It issued a series of orders on six cases, each of which involved owners who objected to all of the pregnancy-related services mandated under the new federal health care law.

As he notes, in three cases, the Court reversed decisions and remanded for reconsideration in light of the Hobby Lobby decision.  Two Sixth Circuit cases (Autocam Corp and Eden Foods) had rejected employer objections to covering all forms of birth control services (including sterilization) covered by the mandate.  A District of Columbia case had also rejected all forms of birth control services.

In another District of Columbia case, Catholic brothers and their food service companies objected to all forms of birth control.  The brothers won their challenge, the government appeal, and review was denied.  The Court denied review in similar cases the employer had won from the Sixth Circuit (two cases) and the Tenth Circuit where the employer, objecting to all services, also won.

What this suggests is that the majority is perfectly fine with an employer who rejects all form of birth control services.

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