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Reprimand recommended for Judge Littlejohn for jailing Danny Lampley over the pledge.

The Judicial Performance Commission has found that Judge Littlejohn violated Danny Lampley’s First Amendment rights by incarcerating him for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance, and has recommended to the Mississippi Supreme Court that Judge Littlejohn be given a public reprimand and fined $100 for violating Lampley’s rights.

The decision as to sanction is based in part on the fact that Judge Littlejohn cooperated with the investigation and agreed that henceforth, the pledge would be voluntary.

Here’s a copy of the press release and pleading initiating proceedings.  I posted about this previously here here and here.

Danny is pleased at the vindication of his First Amendment rights.

He had appealed the contempt order, and Judge Littlejohn has entered a third order withdrawing the contempt ruling.

Disclosure: I’ve been giving legal advice to Danny throughout.

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