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Patsy Brumfield writes: “Tyler Edmonds Enjoying the Free Life”

Folks who go back to the Folo days will remember the case of Tyler Edmonds, the teenager convicted of murder based in part on the opinion testimony of Dr. Hayne, who opined that he could tell from a bullet entry wound that the gun that shot the victim had two sets of hands on it.  In a retrial, Edmonds was acquitted.  Lotus summarized the Folo posts about the case when the second trial was broadcast on TrueTV.   This was one of the cases Radley Balko mentioned in his list of prosecutorial misconduct, which I wrote about yesterday.

Today’s Daily Journal has a Patsy Brumfield article about the year of freedom Edmonds has had since the acquittal, after he’d been jailed for four years since the age of fifteen.

He’s working and training to become an emergency medical tech.

And he’s moved with his dog, Bud, to his own place in Columbus.

Now, his biggest worry isn’t life without parole, it’s his Dec. 11 final exams at East Mississippi Community College and passing the national EMT certification.

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