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Open Thread (Stanford update, and more)

While I’ve been busy, there has been some news, much of it on issues I’ve been following:

  • At his sentencing hearing, the Houston Chronicle reports that Allen Stanford almost edged up to an apology at his sentencing hearing, and then took it back.  “He had tears in his eyes and said, ‘I’m so sorry,'” said Angela Shaw, one of the thousands of investors who lost billions of dollars in worthless certificates of deposit. “But then he said, ‘This is wrong and you’ll have to sue the United States government. They did this.'”‘ Stanford’s lawyers “set a combative tone by accusing prosecutors of misleading the public in describing the Stanford case as a ‘Ponzi scheme'”– and argued for a  10 year sentence, suggesting that the Maddoff case was causing prosecutorial over-reaction.  The prosecutors noted that, while Madoff had skimmed off a mere $250M, Stanford had pulled $2B from his scheme.  Stanford doubled down every way he could on asserting his innocence, stating, “Whether I’m a scapegoat or whether I just became the thing used to deflect, I don’t know.”  The prosecution the maximum of 230.  Judge Hittner plit the difference between the prosecution 230 and the defense 10 at at 110 years.  At 62, he’ll be eligible for a half-way house at, what, age 153 or so.
  • My immediate reaction to the 110 year sentence was to recall the Laura Pendergrast Hold is up for a Fall trial.  There’s no one else for her to testify against, and I had to wonder what she was going to do?  According to another Houston Chronicle report today (about a week after Stanford’s sentence), she recognized it was way past time to fold, apparently, and is going to enter a plea that will produce a 3 year sentence.
  • On the Eater blog, they’ve grabbed John Currence during the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party and asked about Southern Food and Thomas Keller’s remarks hostile to locavores.  John continues to represent in the best way.
  • Before they got to Chess Records, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, and Baby Face Leroy recorded some electric Chicago blues, including a two-sided single of “Rolling and Tumbling.”  Unreleased material and takes have been discovered on acetates thought long lost, and an English label has released two 45s from what they’ve found.  Yes, that’s right, 45s.  You can order them from the label online, or perhaps find a record store.  Record store?  Do you have a turntable? h/t Scott Barretta.
  • From Pass Christian, we learn that loggerhead turtles have been found nesting in Mississippi for the first time in decades.  Go turtles, go!
  • I was out on the Square the night Jeremy Liggins put on that LSU helmet and announced he was headed that way.  Somehow, I’m feeling that karma may be involved in the reports that he’s academically ineligible and headed to Gulf Coast Community College, plus that he’s pushing 300 lbs (at quarterback).


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