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Not an exciting day at the Miss. Supreme Court (6/25/09 decision list)

The rest of the Mississippi Supreme Court decision list today does not inspire me– a case involving workers comp, reporting injuries, and statute of limitations;  a case reversing (on the facts) the termination of parental rights; a reversal of dispute between two insurers as to who had primary coverage; an interlocutory appeal over the exclusion of a CPA’s testimony, largely because she’d let her license lapse; and an appeal of a summary judgment for the lawyer/defendants in a legal malpractice case arising out of Phen-Fen litigation.  Except for a concurrance by Kitchens (joined by Waller and, in unspecified part, Graves), disagreeing with the reasoning but not the result in the workers comp case, there’s only minor quibbling by way of disagreeing (a couple of join-in-result-onlys, no separate opinions).

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