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Mississippi Supreme Court cert decisions

On yesterdays decision list (which had a medical malpractice case, about which more later), the court denied certiorari in six criminal cases.  In each of these, Kitchens would have granted review.  In two of them, Kitchens and Graves would have granted review.  In another three, Kitchens, Graves, and Pierce would have granted review.

Keep in mind that, because he sat on the Court of Appeals last year, Chandler did not participate in any of those decisions, and so his vote was unavailable for review in these cases.

That’s an interesting voting pattern, and I wonder if it represents something ongoing I’ve not previously noticed, and what’s up with it.  I’m continuing to make notes in my project of reviewing those decisions (for more about it, see the link in the left sidebar under pages), and will look to see if there’s any pattern in these denials of review in criminal cases.

Update: These are really four cases– the “three” cases in which Graves, Kitchens, and Pierce would all three grant review are three cases consolidated as one.  I’ll be posting more about these later.

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