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Today’s Mississippi lawyer internet scam is the cancelled Automated Clearing House transfer…

… which involves an odd email from what appears to be a small Jackson law firm with the subject line:  “Cancelled Automated Clearing House Transaction” and a text purporting to tell me that such a transfer from my “online bank account” (no account specified) “was cancelled by the Electronic Payments Association.”  There follows information that seems to suggest that a payment of a couple of thousand dollars has been cancelled and that the reason is contained in the attached document file.

I have no idea what the attached document file might say because I did not open it.

The Jackson firm no longer exists, and the lawyer who appears on the email no longer uses that email address.  His address was obviously spoofed by whoever originated the scam.  Meanwhile, as is often the case, Snopes.com has some details about the scam.  I didn’t delve far enough into it to have any idea how they pull the money out of it.  I was impressed enough by the email to read it but insufficiently impressed to open the attachments; instead I went straight to Google to confirm my instinctive reaction.

Meanwhile:  An imagined dialogue–

passerby:  Where have you been? What’s with the blog.

me: Well, that requires a longer answer than I want to make right now.  Suffice it to say, some health issues, work, some Thanksgiving and New Orleans time with family.

passerby: Hope the health issues are ok?

me:  Working on it.  And hope to be back to regular blogging soon.



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