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The Suspect Makes Clear He Is Knowingly Waiving His Rights.

From an actual interview.

Investigator:  Well, you know before I ask any questions, I have to advice you of your rights.

Suspect:  Yeah.  I got the right to remain silent.  Got the right to have an attorney.

Investigator:  Ok, but I have to read it out to you, okay?

Later, after the rights were read, the investigator hands the suspect the form and reads it to him, which apparently annoys the suspect:

Investigator:  And it says: Check and initial 1.  It says:  I want to remain silent till I have the help of a lawyer.  I do not want —  do not want help from a lawyer at this time. I am willing to answer— make a statement and/or answer questions.  Check one of these boxes right here.  And put your initials right there. All right, sign.  The time is 12:10 PM, and today’s date is 1-12-12. It doesn’t seem like it should be 2012.

Suspect:  Lose your mind?

Investigator:  Not really.

Suspect:  Me either.  Don’t keep asking me that, though.


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