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Complete returns for the Third Circuit judge race, and some notes on what changed between the general election and the run-off

Here are the returns for the Third Circuit Court run-off election yesterday.

  Byers   Luther  
  Number Percentage Number Percentage
Benton 239 29.65% 567 70.35%
Calhoun 230 16.56% 1159 83.44%
Chickasaw 760 39.62% 1158 60.38%
Lafayette 615 18.72% 2671 81.28%
Marshall 1555 49.02% 1617 50.98%
Tippah 202 7.59% 2460 92.41%
Union 116 4.69% 2358 95.31%
Total 3717 23.66% 11990 76.34%

It was obviously a resounding victory for Kelly Luther.  One way to look at such an election is to ask:  What percentage of the general election vote did the candidates get in the run-off?  Did they get their voters out the second time?

The answer suggests that the voters in the run-off went with very decided opinions about the election– Kelly Luther didn’t just hold his vote, he improved it in several counties.  In Lafayette County, the largest in the district, he got over 96% of the voters he had in the general election, which had a top-of-the-ticket election many more people knew about and possibly cared about.  Byers only brought out about 18% of her general election voters in Lafayette.  In Tippah County, his home county, he brought out over 227% of his general election vote, more than doubling, while Byers brought out only about 19%.  In Marshall County, Byers’s home county, Luther brought out over 183% and Byers only 44%.

In sum, Luther held 94% of his vote and Byers only just over 26%.

  Byers Luther
Benton 30.88% 112.06%
Calhoun 18.21% 77.58%
Chickasaw 38.27% 77.56%
Lafayette 15.98% 96.39%
Marshall 43.59% 183.54%
Tippah 18.67% 227.36%
Union 7.41% 77.06%
Total 26.39% 93.65%


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