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Margo Freshwater enters Alford plea

Margo Freshwater (who I wrote about in May, hoping to post more that I never got around to writing) has pled guilty, an Alford plea, and may soon be out of jail:

A woman who was a fugitive for 32 years and facing retrial for murder in Memphis has pleaded guilty, and her attorney expects she will be released soon.

Lawyer Stephen Ross said Margo Freshwater entered a “best interest” guilty plea Friday in the 1966 shooting death of a liquor store clerk. Ross says he expects Freshwater to be out of prison within days.

Freshwater, who was 18 and having an affair with a much older lawyer at the time of the crime, was convicted of first-degree murder in 1969 and sentenced to 99 years. One year later, she escaped from Tennessee Prison for Women.

The Commercial Appeal has a few more details, along with the picture of Freshwater, above, just before entering the plea:

Freshwater, 63, who spent 32 years on the lam after her prison escape in 1970, was sentenced to 25 years in prison in a plea agreement with prosecutors.

She has credit for almost 12 years served behind bars and how much more she must serve will be up to state prison and parole officials.


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