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Making a list, checking it twice

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8 comments to Making a list, checking it twice

  • “So encrypt for goodness’ sake.” Love it!

  • Not Lee

    Ha ha ha, (or ho ho ho): everybody’s afraid to comment.

  • NMC

    OK, Lee, I let this one through because I knew anyone would connect it to the prior Lee posts.

    I really don’t want people posting under more than one name. The odd thing, though, is I always wondered if there were folks out there who might think that comments on my blog under the name “Lee” might be my sister, Lee Hancock.

    And, further: The lack of comments is more about folks snoozing off. I don’t think it means much.

  • TCook

    That’s great! (I’m not scared…or at least I don’t think so.)

  • Ben

    About a lack of comments: some people just don’t open videos … for a variety of reasons. I don’t open them because I covet quietness while I’m surfing the ‘Net; also, I prefer reading stuff over having shows presented to me. I can imagine that some people don’t open videos because the sounds would be a dead giveaway that they’re screwing around on the computer rather than performing their employer’s work. But I would never do that.

  • I commented, but it vanished. Guess I’m on the naughty list now.

  • NMC

    Weird, Anderson. I saw your comment before Lee’s, and have no idea where it went. It isn’t held up awaiting approval.

  • Not Lee

    Maybe I’m projecting, but I think people are plenty afraid. However that doesn’t necessarily apply to the comments section of this blog, though I will make the point that nobody said one derogatory word about the nsa.

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