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Where is the Folo blog?

Occasionally, someone will ask me what happened to www.folo.us, the domain where the old Folo blog lived, at least from roughly February of 2008 until posting stopped in March of 2009.

Apparently, sometime this Spring, the domain registry fee was unpaid and the domain lapsed.  A spam site took it over, and pulled up enough Folo content to give it the illusion of being a site with content, in hopes that Google searches would produce traffic.  So that’s what is at www.folo.us.

The posts on Folo from its inception in August of 2007 as a WordPress blog through March of 2008 (a period that included a lot of the high drama in the Scruggs case that drew so much attention to the blog) are available in a back-up WordPress site, through the motions hearings but not the guilty pleas.  If I can get access to the remaining content, I will make it available again and post here.  You can’t tell who wrote the posts (I think in this period, they were all either by me or by Jan Goodrich), but it seems all the content is there.

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