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No, the Briars was not Jefferson Davis’s “ancestral home.”

So, this weekend, the M-Club is having a weekend in Oxford.  As YallPolitics reports, the M-Club sent out a flyer offering all kinds of things to do in Oxford this weekend.  One thing you can do is for $30 get a tour of the Scruggs home for $30 a head.  In the course of describing the house, the flier notes it was patterened after the Briars in Natchez, which, the flier notes mistakenly, was Jefferson Davis’s “ancestral home.”  Not quite.  He was married there, to Varina Howell; it was her ancenstral home. Well, more accurately, her parents bought the house in the late 1820s and she grew up there.  Given the story of the marriage (and the problems it involved over houses), she probably would prefer that detail to be corrected.

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