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It’s not clear what’s occurring at HottyToddy.Com…

Day before yesterday, Alan Lange at YallPolitics noted that the M-Club was offering tours of the Scruggs home for $30 this weekend.  He posted a sccan of a flier describing the tour and a link (now expired) where you could register for that part of the event.  The post stated the opinions that this was part of some rehabilitation tour that emphasized connections to Ole Miss, and that it was in poor taste.  I posted a riff on that.

HottyToddy.Com, fresh off an exceedingly odd article containing a chat with Dickie Scruggs, yesterday responded to Lange by reffering to his post as inaccurate:  “A controversy instigated by an erroneous Web site report has failed to dampen enthusiasm for the M-Club Alumni Summer Weekend. ”  Since all the facts from Lange’s post seemed to come from the flyer and I don’t doubt he holds the opinions expressed, I read the HottyToddy piece to try to learn what was inaccurate in the YallPolitics post.  And then I read it again, and another time.  Finally, it came down to this passage:

The M-Club’s Summer Weekend hosts thousands of guests each year, but one organization is trying to smear the name of the philanthropic event. YallPolitics reported that the M-Club is selling tickets for $30 to tour the home of Dickie and Diane Scruggs on Saturday of the weekend. The YallPolitics report said: “[Some M-Club] members thought the tour of Scruggs’ home was in generally poor taste given his recent release from prison on federal bribery convictions.”

In  reality, the Scruggs have generously donated their home for the luncheon to benefit Ole Miss, where Diane and Dickie are alumni. According to Associate Director of Alumni Affairs Clay Cavett, Saturday’s luncheon at the Scruggs home is for members’ spouses and/or guests while members compete in the annual golf tournament and the $30 is for lunch, decorations, and scholarships, of course.

While some members may be upset with the M-Club for scheduling an event at the Scruggs home, Cavett said that Mr. Scruggs’ past never came into question.

“The Scruggs offered their home for this event several years ago, so we jumped at it. The have a beautiful home,” Cavett said. “We are absolutely not selling tours.”

Ok, time to double check that scan in the YallP post: Apparently, what Alan got wrong is that lunch is part of the deal?  I’m not sure.

Update: Here’s a screen shot of part of the flier, posted in the YallP link above (thanks to CC Allen for pointing this out in comments).  I’m really having trouble seeing how this isn’t charging $30 for a tour of the Scruggs home: Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 2.06.23 PM Someone needs to tell the Alumni Affairs representative about the first law of holes.  Could it be that YallP’s error was to say the luncheon was in “poor taste” when the fact of the matter was that it was “generously donated?”

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