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Bobby DeLaughter: “I didn’t do nearly everything that they thought I did.”

Megan West at WAPT TV in Jackson got an interesting interview with Bobby Delaughter, apparently on the occasion of his Amazon-only new novel.

“I said then, and will always say it because it’s the truth, I didn’t do nearly everything that they thought I did. But I was stupid. I admit that,” DeLaughter told 16 WAPT’s Megan West.

DeLaughter pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, but he maintains he never took a bribe.

“I can’t believe that I was so stupid to have confided in someone things that I shouldn’t have, but did because we were so close,” DeLaughter said.

Peters told prosecutors he got $1 million to influence DeLaughter. Back then, Peters avoided jail by turning on his friend and becoming a federal witness.

“Have you talked to him since all of this?” West asked.

“No,” DeLaughter said. “I don’t have any plans of rekindling any communication there.”

The interview talks about life in New Orleans, and about his new book– he says, “I hope the scare the dickens out of people.”  It’s an “erotic thriller” about “a serial killer obsessed with sex. DeLaughter drew on many of his own experiences….”

No doubt it will scare people.

h/t Jane Tucker for the heads up about the interview.

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