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Judge Hitner in Wilson v. Scruggs: Lets get on with it– and do so in 14 pt type

What remains of Wilson v. Scruggs is in the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi.  As I’ve posted earlier, Wilson has settled with Scruggs and Langston but continues to pursue Patterson, Peters, and Balducci (the last filed a pleading admitting liability but asserting other defendants were primarily liable).  The case is before Judge Hittner of Houston because of recusals, and Steve Patterson filed a motion to dismiss Wilson’s claim.  I thought I’d posted about it but apparently had not– the only thing I can find about it on the web has the document along with a post touting the mighty force of the advocacy in Patterson’s motion to dismiss as “dismantling” Wilson’s RICO claim.

Well, Judge Hittner rules on motion and the effect of that mighty dismantling force is…

… not much.  He’s read it, he’s considered it, and out it goes.  Motion denied.  Oh, and also, counsel:  Send us those filings in 14 point type from here on in.  Judge Hittner, as is his usual practice at least in these Mississippi cases, gets straight and directly to the point.

The order is here.

I posted about the original filing of this case on Folo.

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