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It’s 2010. Do you know who your president is?

The new federal courthouse building in Jackson has come under some criticism from folks interested in architecture.

Phillip Thomas and Anderson have focused more on the details.  Like the cornerstone got the the name of the president in 2010 wrong.  No, George W. Bush wasn’t the president last year.

This is apparently a direct result of the General Service Administration’s standard for required cornerstones:

A cornerstone is required for all new buildings as a part of the exterior wall. The cornerstone should be a cut stone block having a smooth face of size adequate to present the following incised letters: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, (PRESIDENT’S NAME), PRESIDENT, GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION, (ADMINISTRATOR’S NAME), ADMINISTRATOR, (YEAR OF PROJECT COMPLETION). The words, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, should be in letters 50 mm (2 inches) high and other letters should be proportionally sized by rank.

All names should be of those individuals in office during project development prior to construction, if construction is completed during a subsequent President’s term of office.

(I just knew there was a rule for this out there somewhere).  Of course, the “YEAR OF PROJECT COMPLETION is wrong, but what the heck.

The groundbreaking for that building occurred in February of 2008, so it’s clear that this complies with the GSA rule.  Which is a silly rule.

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