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Ike Brown case turns up in Main Justice story about politicization of Bush era DOJ

Main Justice has an interesting story about the investigation into the politicizing of hiring in the DOJ Civil Rights decision during the Bush administration.  It focuses on Bush DOJ official Brad Schlozman;, who was central to stories about both improper hiring practices and the US Attorney scandal, along with two cases brought by one of his improper hires:  charges (dropped this year by the DOJ) in the New Black Panther case in Philadelphia, PA, and the charges against Ike Brown in Noxubee County, Mississippi.

[Hans von] Spakovsky worked closely with Schlozman. He helped oversee the Noxubee case in Mississippi and assisted in the controversial purge of veteran lawyers in the division perceived to be liberal. The Democratic-controlled Senate in 2007 refused to confirm Spakovsky as a Federal Election Commission member.

It is all worth reading.

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