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“I am Lacy, I am Byrd,” chanted Duchess Dallas at protest over Greenwood hit man case

The Greenwood Commonwealth is continuing its fascinating coverage of the incident in Lee Abraham’s law office with two stories about the fold.  First, Paul Muller has been released on bond.  There’s a possibility he should have been released, period:  law enforcement can’t seem to come up with the arrest warrant and supporting affidavit charging Muller.  John Collette, as an uninvolved observer, noted that, lacking a warrant, a lawyer would have made a motion to release Muller.  “That’s kind of basic.  You’ve got to have a charging document,” Collette told the paper.  No one could confirm to the paper which agency charged him, or what he exactly was supposed to have done.  The Greenwood police chief said “We’re going to go ahead and try and finish working it without putting any additional information out.”

If he needs to “work it” before saying what and how they have charged Muller, they’ve pretty well got the cart before the horse down there.

Meanwhile, protesters chanting “I am Lacy, I am Byrd,” lead by a Valley State student named Duchess Dallas, showed up with similar signs at the Leflore County Courthouse.

This story is a gift that keeps on giving.

Duchess Dallas explained that they weren’t saying whether Byrd (the alleged hit man) or Lacy (his alleged accomplice) were guilty, but that they were demanding equal treatment for them.  She has contacted the NACCP about a larger rally.  The Commonwealth article states “Many in Greenwood’s black community have questioned the version of events laid out by law enforcement officials.”

I would presume that all others allegedly involved would ask that they not get equal treatment with Lacy or Byrd (and particularly Byrd).

The story also notes that a contractors dumster full of debris was outside Abraham’s law office, where workers were patching bullet riddled holes.

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