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Greenwood Oncologist Allegedly Hires Hit on Greenwood Lawyer (There’s More to This Story Than Press Reports)

Update: Yes, there is more.  See below.

I’m hitting repeated references to a story breaking in Greenwood.  Here’s one bit, from WLBT in Jackson:

A 70-year-old oncologist is accused of hiring hit-men to kill the lawyer who represented his ex-wife when they divorced in the 1990s.

Greenwood police tell the Greenwood Commonwealth that Dr. Arnold Smith of Greenwood and 54-year-old William Paul Muller, a brickmason from Morgan City, are being held without bond on a charge of conspiracy to kill attorney Lee Abraham.

Authorities say 23-year-old Keaira Byrd and 25-year-old Derrick Lacy entered Abraham’s law office Saturday night, but agents from the Mississippi attorney general’s office were waiting for them. They say Byrd was killed and Lacy was wounded in the gunfight that followed, and an agent suffered a less serious wound.

Here’s a wire story on the Daily Journal site:

Agents from the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office killed an alleged hit-man in a shootout that also wounded an alleged accomplice and an attorney general’s agent.

Police Chief Henry Purnell tells The Greenwood Commonwealth that attorney Lee Abraham was talking with the agents about an alleged murder-for-hire scheme against him when two men came into Abraham’s office Saturday night.

Leflore County Coroner Debra Sanders says 23-year-old Keaira Byrd was killed. She says he was shot several times, including a fatal head wound.

The Greenwood Commonwealth, which hides from the internet  behind a pay wall, leaks a couple of additional details:

Smith, 70, 1304 Grand Blvd., and William Paul Muller, 54, 105 Northside Drive, Morgan City, are both being held without bond at the Leflore County Jail on a charge of conspiracy to commit murder.

Mr. Abraham has previously been mentioned on this blog in connection with his donut stand on West Jackson in Oxford.

Update:  From email and a comment, I learn that a week or two ago, the Greenwood paper reported this:

Dr. Arnold Smith drops his khaki trousers, revealing cuts and deep bruises on his leg. Pulling up his shirt, staples hold together a 3-centimeter-deep stab wound.

The Greenwood oncologist said he suffered the injuries during a robbery Thursday after being lured into a trap by an unknown assailant’s claim of possessing compromising photos of Lee Abraham.

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