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Gov. Barbour press conference on pardons issues

The Sun Herald live-Tweeted Gov. Barbour’s telephone conference with the press about his pardons.  The Daily Journal already has a story up.

He explains the one posthumous pardon, of Leon Turner.

@sunherald #Gov. Barbour sounded as if he was getting a little choked up when talking about inmate Leon Turner, who helped raise him, he said.
@sunherald #Gov. Barbour says inmate, Leon Turner, helped raise him. Young#Haley watched “the power of a second chance” firsthand.
@sunheraled Barbour is now talking about his daddy, a Circuit Court judge, who had an inmate to help him after he got sick.

His count of how many were released from prison (26) is off by at least one.

Here’s some more from the Sun Herald ‘s Twitter feed:

#Barbour says most Mississippians are Christians. “I believe in second chances and I try hard to be forgiving.”

#GovBarbour said the idea of #pardons is rooted in the Christian concept of forgiveness.

#Barbour: Realizes families have “very strong feelings” toward the convicts, “but the state is not an individual who wants vengeance.”

#Gov. Barbour says 20 years “is a lot of punishment for a terrible crime.”

#Barbour on #pardons: “That’s what we’re giving these people is a chance to have a second chance.”

#Barbour on #pardons: “It is human nature, if you are close to the victim, for that to upset you.” …

#Gov.Barbour said Musgrove’s pardons did not involve notices. The state Constitution requires them.

#Gov.Barbour says Musgrove made no attempt to notice his #pardons, but he and @AGJimHood are both Democrats, so Hood didn’t challenge.

#Gov.Barbour says major development of #pardons by Miss. Parole Board. (Parole Board Chair Shannon Warnock AWOL since Thursday.)


9 comments to Gov. Barbour press conference on pardons issues

  • Anderson

    Barbour said he didn’t anticipate the pardons would become centered on politics, though he expected some backlash.

    “What I didn’t think was that politicians would go out and tell the public we let 200 people out of the penitentiary. I didn’t anticipate this would be all about politics,” said Barbour, a Republican who left office earlier this week.

    Uh, what? Who said that? And what has he done with the real Haley Barbour?

    How utterly unimaginable that the opposing party—the party, moreover, now shut out almost entirely from state gov’t—would be “political” about having this meaty bone tossed to it?

  • If Hood is going to try to invalidate the Barbour pardons, then he does have to try to invalidate the Musgrove pardons and any other pardon that wasn’t preceded by a 30-day advertisement.

  • Anderson

    No SOL on constitutional violations, presumably.

    Now, how Barbour et al. *know* that there was no publication re: earlier pardons … ?

  • Ben

    Gag me with a hemostat.

  • Bayrat

    What better way to make sure that every God fearing, flag waving, gun carrying citizen of the Magnolia State turns out for and votes in the next election? The Governor almost sounds, dare I say it, progressive; liberal even. One wonders what his croneys are up to in the State House while all of this plays out in the press.

  • pam

    Well, I can picture ole Haley Barbour leaning back in his lazy chair like Rooster Cogburn waiting for Mr. La Be… I mean lil Jim Hood to get all tangled up in his lasso… Chicago’s got the machine but ain’t nothing as good as the good ole boys.

  • P.B. Pike

    I agree with ColRebSez that Hood must move to nullify any other governors’ pardons that gave insufficient notice, but I wonder whether Hood is time-barred from doing so. As a political matter, he ought at least try.

  • P.B.Pike,

    I don’t see how it could be time barred. If the pardon is not valid, it isn’t valid regardless of how many years have passed. They never received a valid pardon.

  • Charlie Ali

    The notification requirement is at least a nod to the will of the people in a medieval, absolute, and monarchic legal right reserved to the Governor and President. The mansion employees should be volunteers or political operatives of a certain rank.

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