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Ghosts who turn up at Bobby DeLaughter’s guilty plea

In the audience at the guilty plea, white supremacist Richard Barrett was seated next to Byron de la Beckwith’s son, who was wearing a bright red blazer and a confederate lapel pin.  Barrett did not recognize Beckwith, who knew Barrett and was toying with him, saying he knew who Barrett was.  Most creapily, Beckwith asked Barrett if he remembered 1963.

Outside, when Tom Durkin was having a press conference, Beckwith stood elbow to elbow glaring at DeLaughter.   This was at its strangest when Durkin was talking about his client making history in prosecuting Beckwith’s father; Durkin I think had no idea who the guy was.  Beckwith allowed as to how “Justice is blind, but we are going to see justice now.

Below (left to right) are the backs of DeLaughter, Durkin, and (in the red) Beckwith.  Below that, is Jerry Mitchell talking to Beckwith.

delaughter and beckwith

beckwith and mitchell

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