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Eric Posner: “Justice Thomas has integrity, but it’s the integrity of a madman.”

Eric Posner’s list of what he learned on the Slate breakfast club reviewing the Supreme Court term is great reading and very funny.   Among the lessons learned:

* Justice Thomas has integrity, but it’s the integrity of a madman. He is the Ron Paul of the Supreme Court.

* The conservative justices really are very, very conservative. I had up until now pooh-poohed liberal constitutional law professors and journalists who argued that the court had gone off the rails. Mea culpa.   ….

* Simply considered as efforts to persuade, using the conventional tools of legal reasoning, the majority opinions in the three blockbuster cases—FisherShelby County, and Windsorwere real failures. That is not the same thing as saying that the court reached the wrong outcomes. For Windsor, I much prefer the 2nd Circuit opinion and this one.

Meanwhile, his dad is clearly far more persuaded by the reasoning in Windsor than he is. And Judge Posner describes opposition to gay marriage, particularly as exemplified by Justice Alito, as “emotional and sectarian, rather than rational.”

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