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Dino Grisanti to plead guilty, but they’re not saying what

Patsy Brumfield reports:

OXFORD – Businessman Dino Jerry Grisanti will plead guilty to a one-count federal charge Oct. 21, court documents show today.
But what he’s charged with is not public.

Grisanti apparently has been under investigation about wrongdoing, and to avoid being charged under an indictment, will enter a guilty plea to what is termed an “information.”

Brumfield notes that Grisanti’s name came up with regard to the building involved in the financial charges against FBI agent Hal Nielsen.  She also notes that he has been involved in several other local businesses– a car dealership, a bank, some property management companies.

There’s a large hint, though, as to what it’s not about:  Paul Roberts of the Northern District of Mississippi US Attorney’s office is listed as the Government’s lawyer.  That office has recused itself from the Nielsen case.

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