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Clarksdale doctor’s sugar daddy plans go wrong

Dr. Roger Weiner a cardiologist from Clarksdale, Mississippi may have tied up this years “looking for love in the wrong places” award for the Northern District of Mississippi.

The U.S. Attorney here has filed an affidavit outlining Dr. Weiner’s efforts to meet up (involving multiple instances of travel across state lines) with women he contacted through the site sugardaddyforme.com.

It seems that a coworker of Dr. Weiner surrendered a number of internet chats setting up meet-ups with sugardaddyforme women, who were getting $500 and up a meeting. And from there, the FBI both baited Dr. Weiner to set up additional meetings, and got a warrant that got them access to Dr. Weiner’s chats with the suggardaddyforme girls.

WMC-TV in Memphis describes some of the affidavit:

In one chat in February last year, Weiner wrote “dinner and a nite at the Peabody..what would be your consulting fee?’ and “what is the kinkiest thing you ever did?”

In another Chat with a Sugar Daddy member who listed Cordova as an address, Weiner wrote, ‘send a photo and maybe santa will start ur gifts tonight.”

The sordid details are here.

24 comments to Clarksdale doctor’s sugar daddy plans go wrong

  • Southman

    Does the FBI not have some more pressing matters requiring its resources? These are all adults, correct?

  • jp

    its the left over bushies in the judiciary. what are they thinking. they guy has been known to be a player, it doesnt hurt anyone, and it seems like a waste of your and my tax dollars. what a waste. leave him alone. sounds like a disgruntled empolyee like the blue collar comedy tour guy. someting about the people you hire, get jealous and all of a sudden decide to try and tell on someone for something insignificant.

  • Scrivener

    One day our society will grow up and form a criminal code that treats adults, well, like adults.

  • BoynamedSioux

    Don’t hold your breath until you see it.

  • Anderson

    Depraved liberal Dem that I am, I actually had to read the post twice before I gathered what the criminal violation presumably was.

    Take a woman out to a $500 meal and have sex with her — it’s a date.

    Give a woman $500 and have sex with her — it’s prostitution.

    (Give a woman $500 a week and don’t have sex with her — it’s marriage.)

  • Only When I Laugh

    It appears the Defendant is aptly named.

  • DeltaLawMama

    Here’s the defendant’s web site

  • Pablo

    The DOJ needs to find a hobby.

  • Only When I Laugh

    Why oh why do intelligent people not realize the potential damage/liability of the written word?

  • Since I don’t “hide” my real name, I would not normally allow my name to be associated with such a “sordid” story, but here goes: As a cizizen and taxpayer I am dissatisfied with my government that resources and manpower are used to pursue such activity. I know, “Prostitution breeds other crimes, including extortion, drug use and worse (how many “Johns” are “rolled” by prostitutes’ pimps?). But this “persecution” borders on the riduculous. Dr. Weiner isn’t a criminal; he’s just a man in need of help. He’s being persecuted because he’s a “health-care professional”, and because persecuting him makes for bigger headlines than if he was a wino from skid-row. But what offends me the most about this persecution is that the Federal Government hasn’t simultaneously decided to arrest and prosecute the prostitutes and their pimps. This is “selective persecution” at its worst. Why doesn’t the FBI investigate and prosecute the crimes which are being committed here in New Orleans in the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation, which involve a Federal Judge and his rich and politically-connected lawyer friends, instead of persecuting this penny-ante “b#$$&*@t”?

  • Anderson

    I certainly hope that Dr. Weiner was grossly underpaying to perform anal intercourse. $350? The price hurts all by itself.

    (Shows how little I know about the sex trade, I guess.)

  • P.S. I just visited The Doctor’s web-site. He operates “The Cardiovascular Institute” which I assume to be a sort of “mini-hospital”. This is a person who is doing GOOD for other people, and the Almighty Federal Government has decided to ruin his life. How many others will “suffer” because of the Doctor’s indiscretion(s), which pale in comparison to the Federal Government’s MEANNESS?

  • Anderson

    My Delta friends are already saying there are rumors that the doctor’s offenses will stretch beyond prostitution and the Mann Act.

    I’m not going to say more right now, b/c what’s being alleged is too awful to associate w/ the doctor if it’s not confirmed … but just note that there may be more revelations. Or the rumors may be wrong, as rumors often are.

  • Former Clarksdale resident

    As one who has known and dealt with Dr. Weiner on a number of levels, I first have to say this is no surprise. Although I shed no tears for the good doc (and Coahoma County supervisor), I can’t help but feel that the feds have more up their collective sleeve. You are all correct in that it seems, on the surface, kind of frivolous for the feds to put so much time and resources into what really amounts to a handful of misdemeanor charges if not for the crossing state lines aspect. My gut tells me there may be more serious charges coming eventually. This also may be a ploy by the feds to shake him down on his federal tax case he’s currently involved with. Guess we’ll just have to watch and see.

  • O.K. I’ll wait and see. But the prostitutes and the pimps need to be arrested, too.

  • Guess I’l go to the next post, about the Doctor’s arrest at the service station. Bot I do have a question: Aside from crossing State lines (although some “dates” may have been made from out of town, by long-distance telephone), precisely what distinguishes this case from the one involving a prominent Senator from Louisiana, who frequented the company of prostitutes? (I know: We don’t know what’s “coming”, to coin a phrase!)


    Take a woman out to a $500 meal and have sex with her — it’s a date.

    Give a woman $500 and have sex with her — it’s prostitution.

    (Give a woman $500 a week and don’t have sex with her — it’s marriage.)


  • anon

    I find it funny that no one seems to find problems with this!!! How can all of you posters defend what has happened? The man broke the law. Do you not see this is a problem? Maybe that is the reason Clarksdale is such a thriving town. I guess that is the leadership that you want in Clarksdale. Good luck because there are plenty of other problems on your plate and he all but bought your votes to LEAD you. The people that are responding seem to condone inappropriate behavior. Hell, lets open our very own Bunny Ranch. We can let the Good Doctor be our leader. The laws don’t seem to matter. Let’s quit paying taxes and following other LAWS as well. Wake up people. He has broken the law. Let’s just call it a Mulligan. Let good ole Roger start over. By the way, if you do not think it is all about money you are a FOOL! Because HE is all about how much he can make!

  • WantedToBeALawyer

    OK, I am tired of y’all talking bad about my women. Let me give a shout out to Crystal, Amber, Alyssa, Angel, and of course, Bertha. Hey honey!

    PS- Most of these folks are lawyers. Are you digging me? Introduce yourself and make new friends, honey.

  • Mississippi Girl

    This is one of those “crimes” that really shouldn’t be classified as a crime. Come on people, prostitution is legalized in some areas of the U.S., and it’s not like the “victims” weren’t advertising. All parties involved are consenting adults. It should really be a moral, rather than a legal, issue. Prosecuting Dr. Weiner for this indiscretion would end his career! It’s not like good cardiologists are standing in line to live and work in Clarksdale, Mississippi. We were fortunate to have him, and now we will probably lose him due to a “crime” that has absolutely nothing to do with his ability to practice medicine. Everyone knows that a disgruntled employee turned him in, and that person should truly be ashamed for stripping the public of a good physician. If he were involved in molesting children or kiddie porn, I’d be the first one to say, “lock him up and throw away the key,” but this is not the case here. It will be a real shame if he loses his license to practice medicine due to the fact that this is a federal offence. Can you imagine working as hard, and for as many years, as it takes to become a cardiologist, becoming experienced and competent at it, and then having it all taken away for something that has absolutely nothing to do with your competence as a physician? Many nurses (and other medical professionals) are very vindictive and will turn in a co-worker for anything they can possibly think of, blowing things out of proportion, and sometimes even fabricating facts. (Not that this is what happened in this case, but this is just another example of the back-biting behavior that has led to the current nursing shortage.) No one wants to work with people they cannot trust. No one wants to work like a dog to obtain a nursing, radiology, or medical license, and then have it all taken away because of petty co-workers. It’s been said that nurses eat their young. Well, it’s been said because it’s true. Not only do they eat their young, but they also eat, or attempt to eat, their peers and other co-workers. This is not to say that all nurses behave in such a manner, but a large number of them do. It’s truly sad that people are so cruel to one another.


    Ever think that the reason for the sting is to have enough charges to get him convicted of something far worse than paying for sex. The FBI doesn’t set up stings for small time stuff like this for no reason. Why are people defending him anyway? He is a criminal. We shall see what transpires from all of this.


    Dr. Weiner has made some critical comments against HMA (Health Management Association) the HMO that runs the Hospital where he works. The CEO, CFO, and COO of the North regional Hospital and Dr.Weiner have been at it for a number of years. This was payback, plain and simple. Why didn’t the FBI pose as some of these Sugardaddies and arrest the Suggarbabies aka prositutes. Dr. Weiner donates 100% of his Supevisor Salary to the Nursing fund. His only crime is “Stupidity” for using his work computer for the emails.

  • meanderline

    Assuming for the moment that this was not the white slave trade, and that the women involved were independent contractors and consenting adults, then this is a victimless crime, or it was until Dr. Wiener got arrested.

    I agree with Mississippi Girl that prostitution should be legal (as indeed it is in many places) with the caveat that it should not be legal for married individuals; in that circumstance there is a victim, the innocent spouse. I may be wrong, but from various comments I infer Dr. Wiener is unmarried.

  • Tiffany

    Um, so what??? this happens every second on a dating site. why are they arresting this man?

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