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Bobby DeLaughter writes about a criminal who moves from Jackson to New Orleans…

… where, according to a jacket-blurb on Amazon (the only place the book is available), he resumes his life of crime:

The journey DeLaughter now takes us on is not merely one from his roots of Jackson, Mississippi to his new home along the narrow streets and alleys of the famous French Quarter of New Orleans, but into a world of darkness that somehow flourishes in the plain sight of light, for malevolence is concealed behind many deceptive visages.

What sort of crime, you might ask?  Judicial bribery?  Public corruption?

Nope.  The criminal in the piece is a “serial rapist and killer, seemingly dormant for years, stirring again. After throwing two Mississippi counties into a frantic tailspin, he migrates to New Orleans. What better killing ground than the nation’s murder capital…”

The author bio notes that DeLaughter was a lawyer, prosecutor, judge, and that he was played by Alec Baldwin in a movie.  It does not note that he was a defendant in a federal court prosecution or what might have caused that to happen.

h/t Cari Gervin.

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