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Alan Lange and Tom Dawson to publish book on Scruggs and Minor cases

Alan Lange was on the Paul Gallo show, announcing the December publication of his book on the Scruggs and Paul Minor cases.  He’s got retired federal prosecutor Tom Dawson as coauthor.  Here’s what he wrote on YallPolitics:

Today on the Paul Gallo show on Supertalk, I announced an upcoming book in December 2009. The book will be titled Kings of Tort and was written by myself and former Assistant US Attorney, Tom Dawson, who retired in January of 2009. Tom was one of the lead prosecutors on the Scruggs judicial bribery scandal.

The book will be published by Pediment Publishing, who recently published a book about Mississippi baseball great Boo Ferriss.

Kings of Tort is an exhaustively researched work that documents the Dickie Scruggs and Paul Minor judicial bribery scandals. It documents Scruggs’ rise to prominence through the asbestos and tobacco lawsuits and his subsequent lawsuits stemming from disagreements over attorneys fees in both endeavors. Paul Minor’s case is examined with a factual recap of his judicial bribery convictions. Then, the book moves forward to the Hurricane Katrina litigation and documents Scruggs’ downfall. As any reader of YallPolitics would expect, all of the political intrigue and campaign finance dots will be connected.

Curtis Wilkie’s manuscript went to the publisher in September, I’m told.

10 comments to Alan Lange and Tom Dawson to publish book on Scruggs and Minor cases

  • NotZachScruggs

    Whatever happened to your book, NMC?

  • NMC

    Slowed down by work demands last winter. I’m still accumulating materials, but my office has taken up a lot of the time I was using late last year to work on it.

  • ampal

    greenlee’s devoted staff members are finally cashing in.

  • jaxrelief

    I would think that title crosses way over the line in trademark infringement with Grisham’s book. I know it’s the one time moniker for Scruggs but, i would still think there’s a likelihood of confusion there.

    I only took trademarks in law school so, what do I know.

  • Natd4

    So how’d these two become such good friends and co-authors? I’m sure Paul Minor’s defense team now knows where the bias media leaks and unwanted publicity came from.

  • Anderson

    The Fifth Circuit could sure spoil the ending of that book, at least as it pertains to Minor.

    (Kinda doubt they *will*, but it would be funny.)

    … Jaxrelief, I had always thought one can’t copyright a title, though I don’t even have the benefit of a law school class.

  • Ben

    With Lange and Dawson pushing the pencils, you can be sure there won’t be any political spin or sharp elbows. Just sayin’.

  • doubting dot

    It’s about time someone put the light in hardback on these two scumbags. If the appeals court should somehow see that Minor’s conviction is overturned or his time in the slammer is cut shorter it will be such a travesty of justice. The public at large needs to see all that is on the internet about those two crooks. Way to go guys we will look for it with great anticipation.

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  • OxBloodAxe

    Just another example of a political enemy manipulating the Justice Department for personal financial gain. I imagine this post won’t be up for long but, it’s given that Scruggs is a criminal. It’s now also a given that Tom Dawson was not working for the public good, but a payday.

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