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A couple of more stories about the Oxford Hostage situation

The Daily Journal has an article about last Friday’s hostage situation in Oxford, that focuses on the neighbor’s reaction and some mention of what’s next in the criminal charges.  The article notes that the brother who was killed was from Beloit, Wisconsin, and was visiting his family in Oxford.

Phyllis Niedfeldt, who lives across the street from the Autrys at 3884 Majestic Oaks, said that Billy Ray Autry came to her house over the weekend to apologize for the commotion caused by Friday’s standoff with police, which lasted several hours.

“I told him that he did not need to apologize,” said Niedfeldt, 79. “This was a horrible family tragedy of which he had no control. I told him to go home and take care of his wife and daughter. I just feel so sorry for them.

“He didn’t need to do that, but for him to come over to try to apologize meant something.”

Allyssa Schnugg had a story about the standoff in yesterday’s Eagle, which was the first since the incident had occurred.  She describes what happenedl:

Oxford police officers responded to Majestic Oaks after receiving a 911 call about a man with a gun in a yard.

After officers arrived, the suspect, later identified as Autry, went back into the home. Several gunshots were heard a short time later. Autry briefly went into the garage where he started firing at officers. The shots missed their targets and Autry went back into the house.

A housekeeper escaped from Autry and ran out of the house. She told officers Autry’s brother, Charlie Ray Hodges, 50, had been shot twice and she believed he was dead. Autry’s father, Billy Ray Autry, was still in the house unharmed.

For two hours, Special Weapons and Tactics officers from OPD and the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department, along with negotiators, unsuccessfully attempted to contact Bilethon Autry and the father via cell phone and megaphone.

“Mr. Autry, we need you to put your weapon down and come out with your hands up,” said an Oxford police officer. “I know you’re frightened. Please answer your cell phone. We’re not leaving. We’re not going anywhere.”

Eventually, the SWAT unit went into the house through the garage where they found Bilethon Autry lying on a coach. He was escorted out of the house by officers and placed into a patrol car while being covered with a blanket to shield him from news helicopters flying overhead.

Inside, Autry’s brother was found shot to death. The father was found safe, hiding in the attic. No officers had been injured.

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