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Oxford’s Joey Lauren Adams comments on her IMDB page….

13 comments to Oxford’s Joey Lauren Adams comments on her IMDB page….

  • Alas, my impression of Ms. Adams dates back to that movie demonstrating that Kevin Smith really can’t write and Clerks was a one-off.

    She was good in it, though.

  • Terminator

    did I do this chick at Ole Miss between ’73 and ’77? Sounds familiar and the face is somewhat remembered….

    could you get a clear shot of the top of her head?

  • NMC

    Hope not, Terminator. She was less than ten years old.

  • Phil Woods

    Joey Adams is smart, shy, and dreamy.

  • Lee

    And Terminator is a coward hiding behind a pseudonym. A 60 year old creep posting that kind of comment is pathetic.

  • Ben

    1. I move that Terminator’s post be stricken. This blog is above that.

    2. Who is Joey Lauren Adams?

  • Ben, she’s a screenwriter, director, and actress living here in Oxford. She’s from Arkansas originally. Come to Thacker Mountain Radio some Thursday and you’re likely to meet her.

  • I agree with Lee’s post.

    I considered deleting Terminator’s comment, but have made a practice of not deleting comments except on very rare occasions where there is a clear violation of the commenting guidelines. I’m willing to listen to other’s suggestions.

  • (slight modification to the last– agree with Lee except the part where he suggests Terminator is 60. I think he’s probably about 56-57. The rest looks right to me).

  • A calmer soul

    I vote that Terminator’s comment be removed. It is more than borderline offensive for lots of reasons, but, regardless it violates this blog’s first commenting guideline:

    “All views are welcome. Obnoxiousness is not.”

    Terminator’s comment is clearly obnoxious as well as uncouth and uncaring.

  • Floyd Pink

    I like Come Early Morning, her directorial debut, very much and bought it from Blockbuster when they were going out of business. I saw it before I moved to Oxford and really didn’t pay any attention to the fact that she directed it until after I moved here. I generally watch a lot of Indie movies and have liked Ashley Judd since Ruby in Paradise came out in the early nineties and her being the star of the movie is what got my attention. Adams does not appear in the movie.

    I haven’t met her but see her around town frequently, often with her dog. More than once I have recognized her voice behind me and knew it was her talking before I turned around to see.

  • Ignatius

    I enjoyed Come Early Morning, too, Mr. Pink. It felt authenticly Southern. Gritty. I saw it at the Oxford Film Festival the year it came out. JLA did a Q & A afterwords. I will tell all of you something that she said that you will find ironic, perhaps, in light of Terminator’s comment. She said to get the film financed, she had “to blow a Russian billionaire.” Blue hair in the audience stood on end. I giggled.

  • plexix

    I met Joey several years ago when Blue Mountain reunited and had one of their first shows at Proud Larry’s. I sat next to her earlier in the day at the Ajax bar and struck up a conversation with her, not knowing who she was. I saw her later that night at the Blue Mountain show and she said hi, remembering me from earlier in the day. She has a very unique appearance (and voice); I’ve had a crush on her ever since.

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