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Wonderful Farmers Market results, and notes on Spring pasta

The farmers markets are going full blast, to the point I’m already thinking about how to save things for later.  Tomorrow is the new city market on Oxford Loop, Wednesday (midday) and Saturday (morning) are MidTown, and my refrigerator is full.

I’ve always had a somewhat negative reaction to recipes for pasta primavera.  Since when are green beans, tomatoes, and zucchini “Spring” vegetables, and since when do they coincide with brocoli, English peas, and asparagus, all genuinely from Spring? I also wanted to back off the cream and butter that I didn’t think the dish needed.  But what I really wanted was a truly seasonal (and, locally seasonal) version of this dish.

Tonight I made a local Spring pasta with oven roasted Japanese turnips, spring white onions, baby yellow and patty pan squash, and with brocoli florets (steamed) and English peas and snow peas (briefly boiled).  Also, a tomato from a local hydroponic grower, diced and cooked in a little olive oil with garlic, and then some lemon thyme added, then the vegetables heated together with more olive oil, garlic, and chives.

Everything except the olive oil (and salt and pepper) in the foregoing was local– the herbs from my yard, the onions, turnips, squash from Woodson Ridge, and, from Mid-Town growers, the peas (Bosts), snow peas and garlic (Yocnabottom), tomato and brocoli (I forget which grower, sorry!).

That would be eleven local ingredients, I think.  With the salad greens for a salad, and dressing ingredients, make that fourteen.

When all was cooked and the pasta done, I heated some home-made chicken stock and combined it with some parmassan, then put the cooked pasta in it, combined like crazy, then the vegetables in two batches, and garnished it all with some more parmesan and the tomato.

I used a tube-pasta, like the parmesan and olive oil, from Italy.  Other than that, the salt and pepper, and whatever non-local I put in the bit of chicken stock, it was all local ingredients.

If anyone who wants a more detailed recipe (like, one with measurements), let me know and I will post it.

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