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The Mayflower’s salad dressing on Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Ate

Food Network has a show called “Best Thing I Ever Ate,” around themes (e.g. tonight: garlic, sauce).  Sometimes I get the impression the narrator is talking about food that is a near religious experience, and other times I wonder if they drew an assignment where they had slight familiarity.

Tonight, they did sauces, and had chef Cat Cora, who is from the Greek community in Jackson, do her pick:  The Mayflower’s version of comeback sauce.

I can’t really argue with that.

They showed the sauce being made, in a big Hobart mixture with oil going in– it’s clear the mayonaise base is scratch made.  They made clear that no one is disclosing the basic ingredients, and Cat Cora made some guesses (many standard comeback sauce ingredients plus chili powder).  But I’d wager she’d missed a small amount of curry powder, and I would be shocked if there’s no Worcestershire in the mix.

Bravo for that pick, but I hope this doesn’t mean waiting in line as a part of my future.

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