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The Garlic Lady’s Garlic is back



One of the best things about MidTown Farmer’s Market several years ago was the garlic being raised by Katherine Daigle, who called her stand the Garlic Lady.  She had several types, and really understood the process, including meticulously drying the garlic after harvest.  I would buy enough from her to last till Christmas, and, because she’d been so careful with it, all I had to do was hang it in a dry place and it would keep until I used it up.   She lives in Taylor, though, and when a farmer’s market opened out there, she moved her stand.  She’d bring me garlic, though I fell out of touch.  This year, she’s back (and beginning to sell a limited amount of shallots).

Using her garlic really drives home the terribleness of grocery store garlic– essentially all Chinese–  that dominates the supermakrets now.

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