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MidTown Farmers Market

Our vegetables are pretty much entirely local now.  Tonight’s dinner had a little bit of steak (not local) along with a sauce that included shiitake mushrooms and onions from Flora Farms, Bosts skillet corn, the Bosts’s new potatoes with rosemary from my yard, and braised leeks from Flora farms.

Tomorrow at the Farmer’s Market, we’re all hoping for Bost tomatoes and McCullar peaches.  The Bosts lost thousands of tomato plants in the tornado that hit Pine Flat earlier this year, and their tomatoes are coming in slower because of that.  The peaches are ripening unpredictably at the McCullar farm, but there should be some tomorrow.

Here’s some more from the Farmer’s market folks:

  • Syd Shaw will have sunflowers
  • Cathy Field will have rosemary and basil pesto focaccia
  • Flora Farms will have field grown tomatoes, Texas 1015 supersweet onions, red candy apple onions, heirloom romanesco squash, heirloom Italian turnips, heirloom garlics, arugula, mesclun salad
  • Bery Gordon will have cinnamon rolls, fritata (a Spanish tortilla made with eggs, spinach, potato), carrot muffins, flan de queso (Spanish custard), tres leches cake (a chilled and moist Spanish cake made with three types of milk), and cold hibiscus tea
  • Linda Boyd will have French filet beans, yellow beans, cucumbers, zinnias, blueberry jam, herb jellies, and assorted herbs
  • Bost Farm will have tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, bell and banana peppers, eggplant, cabbage, rattlesnake beans, cantaloupes (very few), sweet corn, squash, cucumbers, strawberry bread, zucchini bread, and lantana plants
  • Muggie Hill Farm will have fresh pastured chicken eggs
  • Ron  Brandon will have his usual selection, including chicken, pork, and eggs


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