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Memories of Justine’s from 1959

Several months ago, I did a long post about Justine’s Restaurant in Memphis, prompted by the death of the long time chef there, Wilma Madison.  A reader named Bob Canis has posted a long comment with memories of Justine’s circa 1959; I thought it was interesting enough to elevate it to a post:

I was part of a group of 4 sailors stationed at Millington in 1959 and early 1960. We rented the apartment above the Sharecropper Club from Deighton Smith. When we originally contacted Deighton, we did so at the Justine Rest. shown in this article….

When we paid rent, we would go to Justine’s and Deighton would have us up in the apartment above Justine’s and serve us Old Wild Turkey while we paid the rent and told him of the parties or good times we were having above the Sharecropper.

And, around that time, I used to go downstairs to the sharecropper and stay on slow nights and listen to Charlie Rich play the piano and sing..

On at least one occasion when we went to pay our rent, Deighton would invite the 4 or 5 of us to dinner downstairs in the resturaunt…

We were also instrumental in getting Deightons son to join the Navy. and when I left, one of our guys painted a plack showing us sailors, the sharecropper club and Justines and at last I knew in 1960, he had it hanging on the wall in the resturant…….

Nice memories…..
Bob Canis

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