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I find it pretty depressing…

… that in a list of best barbecue sandwiches in the South in Garden and Gun Magazine, Mississippi is represented by a place that puts two slices of American cheese on a shoulder sandwich.

Of course, the folks who put American cheese on their barbecue sandwich are in Starkville, at Petty’s Barbecue.  Go figure.

Maybe the problem has more to do with the list than Mississippi– after all, they note that another place with a favored sandwich features multiple “flavors” of ribs, including “blueberry chipolte”– but I do note the presence of Payne’s in Memphis and several other places of note elsewhere on the list

Obviously, these lists are always contentious.  Where’s B.E. Scott’s Barbecue (where Ricky Parker holds forth) and, what lead to the exclusion of the entire state of Arkansas?  But I’m really more bothered by that American cheese on a purported “best sandwich” representing my home state.

I offer the photographs below, from about ten days ago in my backyard, as evidence that there is good barbecue to be had in Mississippi, and will note that no one was permitted to put American cheese on this.  And no one asked to do so, either.

H/t to barbecue historian Robert F. Moss, who posted a link the list to point out just how scary Boston area barbecue (from another link) looks when compared to the real thing from the real barbecue belt.  Well, except for that sandwich with cheese from down toward the cow college.

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