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I ate local. I ate much more vegetables than meat. But I couldn’t go see Micheal Pollan…

Tonight Micheal Pollan was in town.  I would like to have gone and see him but work prevented.  On the other hand, when I got home (late), I cooked a dinner he might have thought reasonable.

veg tonightThe main part of the meal was roasted local vegetables from farmers markets here along with some stuff from my yard:  New potatoes and squash from the Bosts, scallions (red and white), turnips, and sugar snaps from Yokna Bottom, garlic scapes, rosemary, and garlic from my yard, served with hanger steak from Brown Family Farm and chimichiri that had parsley, oregano, and garlic from my yard.

Non local? Salt and pepper on everything, olive oil on the chimichiri and vegetables, dried marjoram and roasted poblano pepper on the chimichiri, and Korean red pepper on the hanger steak.

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