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I am the #1 answer (of 84,000 pages) for a Google search. The question?

Is poke salad poisonous?

I tried to answer this question three years ago.

The post has drawn the interest of thousands, always peaking in the Spring.  It has also drawn comments from folks who have eaten poke salad or salat their whole lives with no adverse effects.

For a while my post about a product whose main ingredient was listed as “fried out chicken fat with attached skin” drew similar attention, but there is much broader interest in that one these days and so my lead has slipped.

For some reason, a post about the Sherry murders (which may be because the words “Dixie Mafia” are probably hit-bait) and another about a misattributed photo of a snake (it was not in Pontotoc) draw steady traffic, as does a post about naked bicyclers in New Orleans.

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